Prasidh Silapabanleng

1912 - 1999

Mr. Prasidh Silapabanleng passed away peacefully but rather suddenly on September 4, 2020 at 5.27 p.m. due to heart failure.

Prasidh Silapabanleng was born in 1912 to one of the most celebrated Thai music masters and composers, the late Luang Praditpairoh (Sorn Silapabanleng). His first musical training in the traditional Thai compositions of his father lead him on a quest for excellence which would become his lifelong passion. It was this passion that eventually spurred him to study in Japan. His study of composition and conducting inspired him to create intricate melodic arrangements at the Imperial Academy of Music, Geidai University, Tokyo. Under the supervision of Professor Dr. Klaus Pringsheim, himself a former student of both Gustav Mahler and Richard Strauss, Prasidh's inmate genius flourished.

Silapabanleng's 'Damnern Sigh'
from 1996 recording 'Siang Tian'
played by the Bangkok Symphony
conducted by John Georgiadis

Prasidh worked consistently throughout the years after graduation, producing several small compositions for theatrical productions and by 1955 had completed his first symphony, The Siamese Suite, which debuted at the UNESCO Music Conference in Manila, the Philippines. His another major work, completed when the composer was 77, was the famed symphonic poem "Siang Tian". Performed with female chorus, this lovely composition culminated a career which spanned a life time and confirmed both his musical training and his gifted heritage. The Siang Tian, a synthesis of Thai and Western music, was issued on CD in 1996, with Mr. John Georgiadis conducting the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra. The Siang Tian CDs are marketed worldwide (except Thailand) by the Black Box Music Co., Ltd. of the U.K. In Thailand, MGA Co., Ltd. Has the distribution right.


In June 1998 when Prasidh was almost 86 years old, at the request of the President of the Assumption University (ABAC) of Bangkok, Prasidh composed two songs, also on CDs now, for the university. These are "God bless Assumption University" and "Daen Asoke" or land of Asoke trees.

(The photo to the right shows the young Prasidh with teacher and mentor, Klaus Pringsheim)

(His being presented a bouquet of flowers by the President of Assumption University, Bangkok, is shown in the photo below)

To honour the great King of Thailand on his Majesty's 72nd birthday due on December 5, 1999, Prasidh made a promise to both the President of Assumption University and the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra that a new composition, based on the traditional Thai music of his father called "Cherd Nai" would be written. Prasidh completed the piano-conductor score and sent it to Mr. John Georgiadis, who kindly agreed to do the orchestration for a medium-sized symphony orchestra.

At home with conductor, John Georgiadis, who arranged, performed and recorded several of the composer's works in 1995/6 whilst Music Director of the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra.

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