Sergiu Celibidache : 1912 - 1996

"A True Teacher and Musician"

Seen below chatting with students in the '80s during one of the two annual intensive fourteen day semesters on Phenomenology Of Music held at Mainz University. He taught there on the understanding that his classes were open to all without charge. Similarly, he would frequently teach conducting and Phenomenology to students who followed him wherever he worked as conductor, often proffering financial assistance from his own pocket to the less well off, but never taking teaching fees.

Bruckner's Scherzo from the 4th Symphony
with Celibidache and the Munich Philharmonic

Phenomenology of Music

....being a living 'here and now' experience is virtually impossible to describe in words, however here is an attempt (NOT by Celibidache!):

Phenomenological analysis has its basis in the study of essential musical aspects such as phrasing, form, instrumentation, style, etc.,with the ultimate aim of increasingly and directly enabling the conscious understanding of a piece of music.

This type of analysis thus tries to unite the analytic study of a music work with its direct experience by the performer, thus attempting to arrive at the experience of Music proper. It is, in other words, a method seeking the marriage of knowledge and experience.

Therefore there is little room for purely personal or subjective opinion. Instead one looks for knowledge which may be of help to everybody: discovery, NOT opinion; realization, NOT interpretation.

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