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Bassoon and Beyond - UK

The acclaimed jazz quartet led by virtuoso bassoonist
Daniel Smith



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is the acclaimed jazz quartet led by virtuoso
American bassoonist Daniel Smith.
After his many award winning concerto,
crossover, chamber and recital recordings,
Daniel Smith now brings his unique talents
to the world of jazz. Consisting of
amplified bassoon, piano, bass and drums,
BASSOON & BEYOND Performs at concerts,
festivals and jazz clubs featuring the new and
distinctive sound of jazz bassoon.

Daniel Smith has been designated as the
"Ambassador for the Bassoon"
by the Nation Foundation for Youth Music (UK).

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(for the LATEST REVIEWS go the Daniel's website)

November, 2004- 'CADENCE' Magazine.  

     DANIEL SMITH, known as the 'Rampal of the Bassoon', has a heavy reputation in classical music circles for his accomplishments on the instrument. As his 'BEBOP BASSOON' album proves, he's also quite comfortable with the jazz language. This ten track disc (Smith bsn; Martin Bejerano, piano; John Sullivan, bass; Ludwig Afonso, drums; Sister Sadie/ Birk' Works/ In a Sentimental Mood/ Well You Needn't/ All Blues/ Up Against the Wall/ Home at Last/ I'm Getting Sentimental Over You/ Doxy. The album opens with a burning arrangement of Horace Silver's 'Sister Sadie' and moves through a variety of well-worn standards that are graced not only by Smith's uncommonly warm tone, but also by a superb band that plays fully on par with him. Sullivan and Afonso form a sharp, punchy rhythm team, but it's pianist Bejerano ( like Sullivan a member of the Roy Haynes band) who provides equal interest here. His colorful, intelligent playing constantly engages the ear, and finds new things to say on old ground. Smith's sensitive phrasing and unusual sound (think baritone sax with the resonance of a tuba) complete a well-above-average quartet session.      Larry Nai

"A genuine virtuoso and a unique and powerful voice in the world of jazz"
Edinburgh Jazz Projects

"Left an unforgettable impression on our city"
Barcelona Jazz Festival

"Truly unique, a natural jazz instrument"
Norwich Playhouse

"Mr. Jazz Bassoon- drew a bigger crowd than ever"
Inflight Magazine

"Makes his instrument dance like Gerry Mulligan's baritone sax"
London Evening Standard

"A highlight of the festival! In Daniel Smith's hands, an instrument which plays upon the soul"
Glasgow 'City of Love' Festival

"An exciting jazz performance. Concert was a revelation in every way"
City of Wolverhampton Music Society

"This foot-tapping event was the talk of the festival"
Ryedal Festival

"The Gerry Mulligan of the bassoon"
Pizza on the Park

"Go and hear him! This is a unique voice in jazz"
Hot News

"A master with a clear influence from Charlie Parker"
Petworth Festival


For a complete list of recordings check out Daniel Smith's website (link at top)

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