Gabriel Vallejo pianist/composer/sound-engineer : (Argentinan) resides in Paris, France
Living in Paris since 1998, he has worked in various musical ensembles (Argentinean tango, jazz and latin music) in many European & South America countries (France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Portugal , Spain & Argentina).

Varshavsky-Shapira Piano Duo : Jerusalem, Israel
Since 1998, when Stanislava Varshavski and Diana Shapiro started to play together, their duo became one of the most renowned contemporary piano duos and they were laureates of numerous national and international competitions.
Mia Vassilev pianist : Miami, Florida, USA
....has concertized throughout the U.S., Mexico, China and Europe. A Roma Reporter wrote “..pianist Mia Vassilev is a young artist who thrilled the public with her exceptional skill performing celebrated works."
Alejandro Vela pianist : Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Lucio Venturini percussionist : Buenos Aires, Argentina
....was born in Santa Fe. He studied how to play the drums in 1980 until 1985. At the age of 17 he became a professional taking part in a jazz suite with Luis Rocco flutist, who was a stable artist for the Colon Theatre Orchestra.
Claudio Di Veroli harpsichpordist/organist : (Italian) resides in Bray, Ireland
Italian, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he received his training from a distinguished group of European musicians. He was granted access to the antique keyboards in the Fenton House (London) and the Paris Conservatoire Musée.
Adolfo Vidal pianist : (Venezuelan) resides in Miami, Florida, USA
....began piano studies in his native Venezuela and continued in the United States and Canada. He has pursued an international career as a pianist, performing solo, with orchestra and in festivals in North and South America and Europe.
Vienna International Pianists organisation : Vienna, Austria
....was founded in 1988 by the Spanish pianist José Francisco Alonso, in order to create a community of renowned concert artists and young student musicians.
Viktor Ullmann Foundation : London, UK
The purpose of the Foundation is to honour, celebrate and remember the life, courage and genius of the composer and pupil of Arnold Schoenberg, and his fellow artists and musicians in the Theresienstadt (Terezín) ghetto.
The Viola Workshop - David Milward viola-maker : UK
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Viva Mexico mariachi-ensemble : Madrid, Spain
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Vivamus choir : London, UK
....is a small, London-based chamber choir whose members are predominantly post-graduate students and young professionals. It enjoys singing a diverse and challenging range of repertoire from classics to works by living composers.
Philip Voldman pianist/accompanist : (Russian/American) London, UK
While still only in his early twenties, he has worked with the most renowned up-and-coming opera singers, professional singers, professors and conductors, all of whom have helped shape his personal approach and outlook on music.
John Le Voi gipsy/jazz-guitar-maker : Alford, Lincs, UK
"Established in 1970, I am a luthier specialising in high quality Selmer Maccaferri style guitars."