Ukraine Philharmonic Society : Kiev, Ukraine
....aims to unite the most talented classical music performers, conductors and composers to create different musical projects. Most of the musicians are graduates from the National Music Academy and winners of festivals and competitions.
Ukrania ladies-vocal-quintet : Kiev, Ukraine
...was founded in 2002. The five girls were involved in an experiment by The Veryovka Ukrainian National Song and Dance Ensemble (Veryovka Choir) which consisted of creating an original music program for ladies' vocal ensemble.
Viktor Ullmann Foundation : London, UK
The purpose of the Foundation is to honour, celebrate and remember the life, courage and genius of the composer and pupil of Arnold Schoenberg, and his fellow artists and musicians in the Theresienstadt (Terezín) ghetto.
Ulster Orchestra : Belfast, UK
....was formed in 1966 and it has established itself as one of the major symphony orchestras in the United Kingdom. Its main concert season takes place in the Ulster Hall and the Belfast Waterfront.