Elizabeth Nash soprano : London, UK
My joy has always been to sing. Singing from the start was fun and gave me a sense of freedom which never has left me."

National Association of Youth Orchestras : UK
....was formed in 1965 to share best practice and encourage self-help amongst the then emerging and dynamic Youth Orchestra movement in the UK.
National Symphony Orchestra of London concerts/films/sessions : UK
The NSO is one of the busiest free-lance orchestras in the UK, working with many popular classical artists.
Naxos Records : Hong Kong
....is the world’s leading classical music label and is known for recording exciting new repertoire with exceptional talent and has one of the largest and fastest growing catalogues of unduplicated repertoire available anywhere.
Sean Newhouse conductor : Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
began his career by winning the highly coveted position of Music Director of the Young Musicians Foundation Debut Orchestra in Los Angeles.
New York Chamber Brass ensemble : New York, USA
....was founded as a faculty Ensemble-in-Residence at the Conservatory of Music Purchase College, State University of New York. Drawing together an eclectic and classy mix of New York’s most distinguished brass players.
Aurel Nica guitarist : Mangalia, Roumania
....was born an January 7, 2021 in Mangalia, Romania. His first contact with guitar was at the age of ten. It was love at first sight. While he was studying in gymnasium, he joined a musical group from school and took part in concerts and festivals.
Kathie Nicolet pianist : Chicago, USA
Chicagoland’s most beautiful and talked about celebrations have enjoyed the unique artistry of Kathie Nicolet since 1983. To create a magical, musical, memory that will last a lifetime, trust this Chicago pianist with a proven reputation.
Anton Niedersteiner acoustic/audio-engineer : Kamloops, B.C.  Canada
....has studied acoustics, psychoacoustics, electronics and audio engineering. He has assimilated this knowledge with years of experience to produce a sound system designed to retain the ambiance of a live acoustic experience.
Grzegorz Niemczuk pianist : Tychy, Poland
....was winner of the 40th National Frederick Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw in 2010 and has already performed in many European countries as well as the USA and Australia both as a soloist and chamber musician.
Sharon Niessen pianist : Eindhoven, Netherlands
....was born in Eindhoven and at the age of 9 she started taking piano lessons. From the age of 14 she studied at the Fontys Conservatory, Tilburg, Nederlands.
Grace Nikae pianist : Netherlands & New York, USA
An American pianist she has established an international reputation as one of the leadingg artists of her generation, thrilling and captivating audiences and critics alike with her exquisite artistry, blazing virtuosity, and passionate, individual style.
Michio Nishihara Toro pianist : Santiago, Chile
Born in Concepcion in 1972, he has established himself as one of the leading Chilean pianists of the new generation. He first studied in Santiago de Chile then completed his formal training at the Bydgoszcz Music Academy in Poland.
Noma Music artists/repertoire company
For more than decade Los Angeles area based NOMA Music has been providing music to the motion picture and television industries in North America.
Dominic Nunns composer/conductor : London, UK
His work as a composer, conductor, horn-player and educator has explored rock, jazz, folk, klezmer, classic and contemporary film soundtracks, electronic music and rhythm-theatre with the award-winning Lost and Found Orchestra.
Nymet Music publishers : UK
....can now supply music from most other publishers as well as as its own publications. Also, there are special quantity discounts for choirs and orchestras.