Other Artists/Clients

Harpist - London, UK

....was born in India and started learning the piano at the age of five. She won a Junior Exhibition to the Royal Academy of Music and later studied there with Vivian Langrish. Her interest in the harp began at 17 years of age when she was given the opportunity to study with Tina Bonifacio....(more)
Pianist - Athens, Greece

Trained at The Julliard School of Music in New York she has since performed with various important orchestras. Since her debut in Athens at the age of 16 she has given numerous performances worldwide in major venues in Europe and has toured America....(more)


Jean Jacques Kasel organist : Luxembourg
....no text available.
Shmuel Katz violist/violinist : New York, USA
A native of Israel, he began his violin studies at age 8 and picked up the viola at age 13, he maintains a performing career on both instruments. He now resides in New York, USA.
Katz-Shteinberg Duo viola/piano-duo : New York, USA
The Duo was founded in 1999 in New York by two Israeli musicians, the violist and violinist Shmuel Katz and the pianist Dmitri Shteinberg.
Helena Kean mezzo-soprano : Burlney, Lancs, UK
She began her professional training after a visit to Bari in Southern Italy where she was invited to join the Bari Choir for a BBC broadcast in which her hosts were participating.
Henry Kelder pianist : The Hague, Netherlands
Born Groningen in 1973 he now works as a pianist, conductor, composer, chambermusician, répétiteur for contemporary operas, musical leader for theatre companies and teacher.
He was appointed piano professor at Utrecht Conservatoire 2010.
John Kersey organist/harpsichordist/fortepianist : (British) resides in Dominica
Historian, award-winning concert pianist and radical educationalist, his career has been characterized by innovation across disciplines.
Irina Khovanskaya pianist : San Antonio, Texas, USA
....was born to a musician’s family in Russia’s Moscow Region on September 9, 1972. She began piano lessons at age 4 and gave her first recital at age 6 in Kiev, Ukraine.
Kyoungwoon Leah Kim violinist : (Korean) resides in Philadelphia, USA
....began her violin studies at the age of eight in Pusan, South Korea. She was honored several times in her native country before she came to USA at age of fifteen after winning the Pusan Symphony Young Artist competition.
Michelle Kim pianist : (Korean) resides in Hong Kong
In 2009 she founded Hong Kong Generation Next Arts (HKGNA), an organization dedicated to supporting our next generation of young artists by providing them with performance opportunities, and financial assistance.
Michael Kirby clarinettist : (British) resides in Tenerife, Spain
....began his musical education at the age of eight, singing as a soloist in the renowned Gloucester Cathedral Choir. He also commenced his clarinet tuition at the age of eight.
Henning Klocke tenor : Hamburg, Germany
A German tenor he began his vocalist training at the Hamburg Academy of Music and later studied at the Würzburg Conservatoire. He is an interpreter who is in great demand at many international festivals.
Michael Klubertanz arranger/conductor/pianist : Germany
Geboren am 25. November 1968 in Bad Neustadt/Saale.
Ab 1974 Ausbildung in Klavier, ab 1978 Orgel. 1984 und 1986 D- und C-Diplomprüfungen als nebenamtlicher Kirchenmusiker.
Irina Klyuev pianist : Niksic, Montenegro
....no text available.
Ludmilla Knezkova-Hussey pianist/composer : Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada
Concert pianist and composer, Professor of Piano, choral conductor, chamber performer, conductor of piano Master classes and workshops, founder and developer of the Ludmila Knezkova-Hussey International Piano Competition.
Pavel Kohout concert-organist : Prague, Czech Rep
Born in1976 he was winner of the prestigious First Prize, Gold Medal and J. S. Bach Prize at the International Organ Competition in Tokyo 2000 and is regarded today as one of the finest concert recitalists of his generation.
Oksana Kolesnikova pianist/composer : California, USA
World-renowned Russian-born pianist and composer does it all. A live performer; founder of a School of Music; musical collaborator; environmental activist through Cool Green, her character of sharing her passions in life shines through.
Pavel Kopecky composer : Prague, Czech Rep.
"I was born in Prague, on April 4, 1949. I began to study the piano when I was 8 years old and the cello at the age of 10. After graduating from the Electro-Technical Secondary School I joined the sound department of Czech TV in Prague."
Natasha Korsakova violinist : (Greek/Russian) resides in Germany & Italy
....is of Russian-Greek decent and is one of the most popular violinists of her generation. The German Süddeutsche Zeitung describes her ability to play the violin as a "sinfully beautiful listening experience".
Kotlyar-Shifrin Piano Duo : Israel
....is one of the most sophisticated and in-demand ensembles among the new generation of Israeli musicians. They has won several International prizes and awards).
Stefan Krattenmacher cello/doublebass-maker : Münchweier, Germany
"The many masterpieces of the great makers of the 17th and 18th Century, which I have had the opportunity to restore, have provided me with a continuous source of inspiration. However, my work is equally influenced by my everyday life."