Jan James pop/rock-singer : Chicago, USA
Raised in central Michigan on a family-run fishing resort, her talent was obvious early on."The more I played guitar and the more I tried out the voice I learned to use in the church choir the more I liked it." And so did everyone else.
Ronnie James pop/rock-singer/songwriter/guitarist : Brooklyn, NY, USA
....resides in Tennessee in the Foothills of the Beautiful Smoky Mountains. He has appeared on Television, WTVR Channel 6 (CBS), Fredericksburg,VA which is part of the Washington, DC listening area.
Jarratina vocal/instrumental-ballads : Madrid, Spain
....no text available.
Jan Järvlepp composer : Ottawa, Canada
....creates a genuine European/American musical fusion by combining the excitement of rock and jazz rhythms with the large scale classical structures found in orchestral and chamber music.
Jinqu "Golden Music" string-instrument-maker : China
Our workshop makes string instruments to models ranging from Stradivari and Guarneris to J. B. Guadagnini. We make violin, viola, cello and double bass by the style of Cremona from the renaissance to Romantic era.
Johann Strauss Society of Great Britain : UK
....was formed in 1964 with the objective of furthering the discovery and performance of the music of the Strauss family and friends. The Society's interests cover the whole spectrum of Viennese music and operetta to suit all ages and tastes.
Victor Johnson singer/songwriter : Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Unconventional chords, haunting melodies, astonishingly beautiful lyrics, and a voice that will leave you spellbound.
Johnson string-instruments : Newton, MA, USA
We have served the Greater Boston string-playing community since 1976 and are New England's largest violin shop. We are one of the first and most prominent internet resources for string players.
Michael Jones cellist : (British born) New york, USA
....started to play at the age of 13 later studying at Dartington College before going on to the Royal College of Music. Whilst in London he won prizes for solo and chamber music playing, was chosen to perform for the British Royal Family.
Juilliard School : New York, USA
At the time it was founded in 1905 (as the Institute of Musical Art), the idea of establishing a music academy in America to rival the European conservatories was a novel one.
Jeremy Justeson saxophonist : Pennsylvania, USA
....has performed as an orchestral soloist and recitalist across the United States. In addition, he has appeared as a member of the San Antonio Symphony, Dallas Wind Symphony, Allentown Symphony, and the Aspen Festival Orchestra.
Just Jazz jazz-ensemble : Goa, India
....is Goa's premier jazz ensemble featuring Belinda Oliveira on vocals, George Fernandez on piano, Colin D'Cruz on bass and Lester Godinho on drums.