Other Artists/Clients

Jazz Group - London, UK


Bach Bogen atelier/curved-bow-maker : Wissenbourg, France
....enables string players to play one, two, three and four strings simultaneously. The high arch of the bow allows full, sustained chords to be played and there is a lever mechanism that affects the tension and release of the bow hair.
Aldo Baerten flautist : Mezenlaan, Belgium
....is Principal Flutist with the Royal Flemish Philharmonic.
He is Professor for flute at the Antwerp Royal Conservatory, at the Hogeschool der Kunsten Utrecht (NL) and teaches in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Mexico and USA.
Janice Baird soprano : (American) resides in Spain & Berlin, Germany
....is one of today's leading dramatic sopranos. It is above all with her powerful portrayals of the great Wagner and Strauss heroines that the attractive American has been brought her to the eager attention of the international opera scene.
Alison Baker organist : UK
She studied at the Royal Academy of Music and trained as both a pianist and an organist. Making her South Bank debut at the age of 14 and her Wigmore debut at 17, she went on to receive many prizes and awards.

Liz Baldey violinist : London, UK
....plays with most UK major orchestras.

Cecylia Barczyk cellist : Towson, MD, USA
....has achieved international recognition as a complete artist, successful teacher, and great humanitarian. She has given concerts, recitals, and master classes throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America.
László Barki violinist : Vienna, Austria
Geboren am 25. 9. 1958 in Wien.
"Ich stamme aus einer Musikerfamilie - beide Elternteile waren Geiger."
Bath International Festival : UK
Inaugurated in 1948, Bath International Music Festival has an illustrious artistic history and has long been a well-established event of national significance and international reputation.
Beethoven Piano Society of Europe : UK
....was established in London in March 1993 by a steering committee of distinguished pianists and scholars and launched at a Beethoven-Day held at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.
Bell Percussion Ltd hire/retail/repairs : London, UK
....is one of the most useful resources for orchestras and ensembles looking for information on the percussion requirements for specific pieces of music.
Alexis Bennett composer-films/tv/multimedia : London, UK
....was trained at the University of Edinburgh and the Royal College of Music, London.
Paloma Berganza french-ballad-singer : Madrid, Spain
Her voice, trained by great masters and sculpted by the classics, broke onto the Spanish music scene in 2003 with surprising vigor with “Avec le temps”, her first album, in an intimate recording with her Trio.
Phil Best pianist/singer/composer/arranger/teacher : London, UK
A pianist, singer and composer, he combines consummate musical skills with a genuine desire to bring his music to people in ways that are fresh and engaging.
The Better World rock-group : Bergen County, New Jersey, USA
"Workin' on some new tracks!! Hope everyone enjoyed our NYC show."
Big Town Playboys rhythm/blues-band : Birmingham, UK
First formed in 1984, bass player Ian Jennings is the sole surviving founder member. By the end of the 1990s the band had visited the USA three times, including a residency at Mick Fleetwood's club in Los Angeles.
Stuart Bishop choreographer : London, UK
A world renowned Choreographer and TV judge, Stuart has worked for the best in the business, from the TV networks to the biggest record companies, from commercials to music videos, corporate brands to rap stars.
Bluth Messina Chattin Trio jazz-group : Stamford, CT, USA
This jazz trio has been playing and performing together since 1982. Collectively they have participated in jazz festivals, recorded CD's and performed in Mid-Atlantic/New England area clubs, colleges, libraries, museums and art centers.
Bonhams auctioneers : London, UK
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Elizabeth Borowsky pianist : Baltimore, USA
....has achieved international recognition as an outstanding musician of her generation. She has performed in many distinguished venues throughout the world.
Emmanuel Borowsky violinist : Baltimore, USA
Since his successful debut at the age of six, he has been lauded as an outstanding musician of his generation. He has performed recitals and concerts throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.
Frances Grace Borowsky cellist : Baltimore, USA
She first drew attention as a highly gifted and expressive young musician at the age of seven.
She has performed extensively throughout the world.
Thomas Bowes violinist : London, UK
The product of many years of steady growth, his playing is now fast gaining international recognition. Not a child prodigy, or an early developer, Bowes has spent many years developing an unusually deep and expressive musical personality.
Matthew Brailsford Arts Management : London, UK
....no text available.
Eef van Breen jazz-trumpeter/singer/songwriter/arranger : Den Haag, Nederlands
....captures the audience with his lyrical trumpet phrases and virtuoso scat solos. Not only is Eef a performer of his own (jazz) compositions on stage; He composes as well for film, theater and several chamber music ensembles.
Breenjazz Ensemble jazz-group : Den Haag, Nederlands
With seven great musicians Breen creates a situation in which the senses are stimulated to the extreme in a surprising line-up with trumpet/vocals, 2 violins, cello, harp , piano and double bass.
Jonathan Brett conductor/artistic-director : Surrey, UK
Single-minded devotion to his musical ideals and uncommon interpretative flair coupled with technical brilliance and a sense of daring combine mark him out as one of the most talented of Britain’s younger generation of conductors.
Frantisek Brikcius cellist : Prague, Czech Republic
....was born in Prague, into a family with a distinguished cultural background. He was accepted into the Janacek Academy of Music in Brno after completing his study of the absolutory at the Prague Conservatoire.
Bill Brown composer of film, TV and news media : Hollywood, LA, California, USA
....graduated from Berklee College of Music with a degree that included study in jazz theory and composition, song writing, modern theory and orchestration and finally the art of film composition, a passion of his.
Sara Davis Buechner pianist : Scarsdale, NY, USA
....is a classical concert pianist whose performances and recordings have garnered acclaim on four continents and winning prizes in many of the world's most prestigious competition plus appearing with prominent orchestras world-wide.
Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra-SIF 309 : Sofia, Bulgaria
Best foreign film of the year and Oscar winner “The Secret in Their Eyes” of the 82 annual ceremony became an overnight sensation. Original music score was recorded in Sofia with SIF 309 Film Music Orchestra in the early spring of 2009.
Sarah Button violinist : London, UK
....has played in major orchestras in the UK and Europe as well as performing session and film work.
Alina Bzhezhinska harpist : Edinburgh, UK
....is an international harpist based in Edinburgh.