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Jordan Grigg conductor/composer/violinist/violist - Nova Scotia, Canada
Born in British Columbia in 1972, he has been teaching since 1988. He has taught and continues to teach all stringed, wind and brass instruments, piano, all RCM theory, harmony, history, counterpoint, analysis, conducting and composition.
Feargus Hetherington violinist/violist : Glasgow, Scotland one of Scotland’s most talented young violinists. He has developed a varied career as a soloist, chamber musician and orchestral player, as well as presenting musical workshops and seminars and arranging music.
Shmuel Katz violinist/violist : New York, USA
A native of Israel, he began his violin studies at age 8 and picked up the viola at age 13, he maintains a performing career on both instruments. He now resides in New York, USA.
Lev "Ljova" Zhurbin composer/violist - (Russian) New York, USA
Though he was born in the string quarry of Russia and refined in the purifying precincts of Juilliard, he turned out to be a lover of gritty hybrids. The music he writes and plays is full of Brahmsian tone.

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