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Donna Austin electric : Florida, USA text available.
Colin d'Cruz fretless-bass : Goa, India
....currently plays and writes music out of his own studio in Goa and continues to perform all over India as well as internationally.
Luther Enloe classical : Laurenceville, Georgia, USA
"I am a classical guitarist working in and around the Atlanta, Georgia area. I am available for private lessons, weddings, restaurants and other functions."
Eva Fampas classical : Athens, Greece
....has performed hundreds of recitals and concerts around the globe with great success, she maintains a very active concert schedule and she is in great demand as a recitalist, soloist, chamber musician and pedagogue.
Alexis Froudarakis classical : Heraklion, Crete
Winner of the Julian Bream Prize 1998, among 6 other International Prizes in Greece, Italy, Spain and England, with a wide variety of repertoire from Renaissance to Contemporary Modern music.
Fusiontunes jazz-bass-guitar/one-man-funk-band : Florida, USA
Vinny Ray performed with several Country Music Shows. His compositions are funky, imaginative and captivating. His leads are explosive with intense improvisations and screaming riffs.
Ricardo Garcia flamenco : Barcelona, Spain a truly eclectic guitarist, his roots lie in Flamenco, but in recent years he has played Jazz, African music, collaborated with a sitar and tabla player and even worked with Scottish traditional musicians.
Gota de Fuego flamenco-ensemble : Hamburg, Germany an international group, a
flexible flamenco constellation which consists of voice, dance, guitars, percussion and saxophone.
Ariel Gragnani classical, jazz, south american and flamenco : London, UK a profesional classical guitarist based in London. With over ten years of experience performing and teaching, Ariel is available for guitar recitals, live music performance, weddings, and music for events as well as private guitar lessons.
Mauricio Gueiros accoustic/pianist/composer/arranger) : Brazil
....músico carioca, pianista, compositor e
arranjador especializado em música gospel, jingles, trilhas sonoras, spots e música para terceiros. Trabalhou durante 15 anos nos vários setores do mercado a saber.
Ronnie James electric : Brooklyn, NY, USA
....resides in Tennessee in the Foothills of the Beautiful Smoky Mountains. He has appeared on Television, WTVR Channel 6 (CBS), Fredericksburg,VA which is part of the Washington, DC listening area.
Wayne Lopes jazz : New York, USA
His work is heavily inspired by the tactility of place. drawn from sounds suggesting specific time/place experiences, which he then uses to improvise primarily from sense memory and intuition.
Lopes & Manakas jazz-duo : New York, USA dedicated to the improvising artist, supporting experimental music and theater in NYC and is run by volunteers of creative music and theater.
Van Manakas jazz : New York, USA a member of Cosmic Legends which is dedicated to the improvising artist, supporting experimental music and theater in NYC and is run by volunteers of creative music and theater.
Matamá flamenco-goes-brasil : Hamburg, Germany
Where the light and exotic charm of Brazilian music meets the rhythmic tension of flamenco, there arises a space in which the two of us, Matamá, move. Guitar, voice and percussion form an equal and complex unit of music.
Pete Mitchell rock-guitarist/singer/songwriter/teacher - UK
Known as The Minstrel in the group DRIVE which in 1978 made a 2500 mile tour of the south of England playing over 50 venues. At this time he played for BBC Radio Medway. He was Wine Bar entertainer of the year 1981.
Aurel Nica classical/jazz/flamenco : Mangalia, Roumania
....was born an January 7, 1976 in Mangalia, Romania. His first contact with guitar was at the age of ten. It was love at first sight. While he was studying in gymnasium, he joined a musical group from school and took part in concerts and festivals.
Cari Peno classical/contrabassist/composer/arranger : Boston, MA, USA the leader and manager of Con Fuoco String Quartet/Trio/Duo and their bass and classical guitar player. He began his career in Munich, where he earned a Bachelor of Music Degree in classical bass from the Strauss-Konservatorium.

Jon Pickard classical/flamenco/brasilian/latin and jazz pianist : UK
....provides live Spanish Guitar music for weddings and corporate events, specialising in Spanish Guitar, Brasilian, Classical, Latin and Flamenco. He also plays many popular songs arranged for solo acoustic guitar.

Carles Pons Altés classical : Spain
Nació en Lleida el año 1965. Del 1982 al 1984 siguió sus estudios de guitarra en Barcelona. A partir de 1986 cursa las asignaturas del Título Superior de Música en el Conservatorio Municipal Superior de Música de Barcelona.
Simon Powis classical : (Australian) resides in New York, USA
His passionate and expressive style coupled with a formidable technique has garnered attention as a talented soloist, chamber musician and innovator. Growing up in Sydney, Australia, he took up the guitar at age eleven.
Raphael flamenco : UK text available.
John Scott Cree accoustic : London, UK a comedy singer and songwriter with over 40 years of gigging, telling stories, writing and recording funny songs, with 7 kids and a lifetime of cynicism (experience).
Glen Sharp flamenco/classicalrock/blues/jazz : Manchester, UK a professional guitarist available for solo and group performance, live and studio session work and guitar tuition. His solo concerts offer an extensive repertoire of traditional and contemporary flamenco, including his own compositions.
"Smiling" Jack Smith blues-singer : (USA born) resides in Spain
It has been a long and winding road, as the song goes, and the musical story is as changing and varied as the geographical. From crooner and tap-dancer to folk rocker, a short stint as a country artist and then the blues began to be his driving force.
Paul Tkachenko bass-guitar/tuba/doublebass : London, UK
"After initial piano lessons I started to take trumpet lessons but I really had my eye on playing the tuba and one year later at the age of 11 I was encouraged to take up the instrument and I loved it. Double bass followed a year later."
Sante Tursi classical : Bari, Italy
....was born in Bari (Italy), where he studied at the "N. Piccinni" Music Academy, obtaining the diplom summa cum laude. He also graduated in Philosophy summa cum laude.
Mark Wein electric/singer/teacher : Orange, CA, USA
"Born in New York and raised in California, I have been performing and teaching Guitar for over 25 years. After graduating from Fullerton College with an Associates Degree, I have worked playing Guitar."
Joost Zoeteman jazz : Arnhem, Nederlands een initiatief van jazz gitarist- en startte in 2003 als Top Musici. Naast zijn beroepspraktijk als uitvoerend musicus (zigeunermuziek, jazz en gitaarmuziek) werkte - jarenlang bij een bekend artiestenbureau.

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Guitar Makers

John Le Voi gipsy/jazz-guitar-maker : Alford, Lincs, UK
"Established in 1970, I am a luthier specialising in high quality Selmer Maccaferri style guitars."
Godefroy Maruejouls french-guitar-maker : London, UK
....builds and repairs acoustic and electric guitars. Well known for his gypsy jazz guitars, Godefroy also produces steel-string acoustic and a range of electric guitars.

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