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Phil Cornwell arranger/composer/pianist/doublebassist/teacher : London, UK a London-based pianist, specialising in accompaniment, and bassist, both upright and electric. His musical taste is extremely eclectic, and he is a good reader and improviser.
Cari Peno contrabassist/classical-guitarist/composer/arranger : Boston, MA, USA the leader and manager of Con Fuoco String Quartet/Trio/Duo and their bass and classical guitar player. He began his career in Munich, where he earned a Bachelor of Music Degree in classical bass from the Strauss-Konservatorium.

Bartosz Sikorski contrabassist : (Polish) resides in Vienna, Austria
1974 Geboren in Bytom (Polen). Musik Studium in Universität der Künste in Berlin. Seit 2000 Kontrabassist bei den Wiener Philharmonikern. Seit 2006 studiert an der Akademie der bildenden Künste in Wien.
Paul Tkachenko doublebassist/tuba/bass-guitar : London, UK
"After initial piano lessons I started to take trumpet lessons but I really had my eye on playing the tuba and one year later at the age of 11 I was encouraged to take up the instrument and I loved it. Double bass followed a year later."
Michael von Villiez doublebass/piano/keyboards/bass guitar teacher : Amsterdam, Netherlands
....begon contrabas te spelen toen hij dertien was. Al snel speelde hij mee in jeugdorkesten, waarmee hij de halve wereld rond toerde. Daarnaast had hij, zoals elke zichzelf respecterende musicerende adolescent, een rockband.

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