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London, UK
Quality string instruments and bows in all price categories for the discerning musician. He is a professional violinist who can offer expert advice. He trained at the Royal Academy of Music and has played with numerous London orchestras....(more)


Amati string instruments : Tokyo, Japan
....was established under its' present name in 2001 to coincide with the arrival in Japan of the founder and Sole English Proprietor, John Duffy. The organization prior to1975 was known as PPI. (Promotions, Projects and Instruments)
Hammond Ashley Bass Violins violin-family-instruments : Seattle, Washington, USA
Our store offers beginning, intermediate and advanced violin, viola, cello and bass lessons and elementary, middle school, high school and adult instrument rentals, sales and repair services in Western Washington and Southern California.
Caswell's String Instrument Shop : Brackley, Northants, UK text available.
Dexinkaiyuan Co. Ltd. string-instruments : China
De Xin Kaiyuan Trading Company produce all grades of violins and other string instruments.

Neil Kristóf Értz string-instruments : Cambridge, UK
"On completion of violin making school I went on to work for the next five years in some of the leading restoration workshops of Holland, France and Germany."
Evans-Pughe Strings of Hichin Ltd : Herts, UK
....was established in 1997 in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, UK, to provide instruments, accessories and workshop services to string players of all ages and abilities.
M & J. Healey Violin Shop : London, UK
....has been making violins, violas, cellos and double-basses for more than twenty years. He studied in London and started by making his first violin (baroque instrument) which is being used professionally by one of London's leading players 
Andrew Hooker Violins : Bath, UK
....specialises in fine stringed instruments - and operating from a converted church rather than a conventional city centre violin shop, has no major overheads so can offer outstanding value.

Jinqu "Golden Music" string-instrument-maker : China
Our workshop makes string instruments to models ranging from Stradivari and Guarneris to J. B. Guadagnini. We make violin, viola, cello and double bass by the style of Cremona from the renaissance to Romantic era.
Johnson string-instruments : Newton, MA, USA
We have served the Greater Boston string-playing community since 1976 and are New England's largest violin shop. We are one of the first and most prominent internet resources for string players.
Langstaffe Violins shop/dealer/maker/restorer : Leominster, Herefordshire, UK
John Langstaffe has been a professional luthier since 1989, when he graduated with distinction from the Newark School of Violin-making. His instruments are much sought after by leading contemporary orchestral musicians throughout the UK.

Frederick Phelps Ltd string-instruments : London, UK
....offers for sale a comprehensive selection of investment violins, violas, and cellos, specializing in Italian, French, Bohemian, Dutch, German and other makers as well as French, English and German bows of all periods.
Recitalbox string-instrument-accessory/aid : Freilassing, Germany a reverb-device for violin, viola & cello which creates an unbelievable great acoustic reverb and
can be set up within seconds without causing damages to your Instrument. Its invisible from the front and weighs 100Gr.
Martin Rijsemus vioolbouw : Maastricht, Nederland
....groeide op in een omgeving waar ambacht en muziek zich verstrengelden: zijn vader was kunstsmid en zijn moeder speelde viool.
Andrew Riley Violins : Egham, Surrey, UK
"I trained at the Newark School of Violin Making from 1974 to 1977. After graduating I spent the following 5 years working as a repairer and restorer at Edward Withers Ltd." : Online Shop
....prides itself on finding the best deals in musical instruments at the best prices online. We sell Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Pianos and Keyboards and a range of the best studio & live gear online. All from the top brands.

  String Gear News
....announcing new string instruments & accessories as they are released
Turner Violins : Nottingham, UK probably the largest violin shop in the UK, specialising in fine old violins, violas, cellos, double basses and bows.

Vintage & Rare : Copenhagen, Denmark the largest European website dedicated to vintage instrument enthusiasts and retailers. Currently, it represents over 10,000 vintage instruments from more than 400 dealers, builders and luthiers worldwide.

  The Violin Company violins for students of all ages and good selection of strings, bows and other accessories
West Country Violins : Sidmouth, Devon, UK (also online)
Our violin shop sells fiddles and bows at trade prices and this includes many French and German student instruments. We also specialise in helping select fine quality instruments from French, English and German luthiers.
Adam Whone string-instruments : London, UK
If you are a serious stringed instrument lover or player (or both), whether a chamber or orchestral player, soloist, student, amateur or collector then this site will be of great interest to you.

Zelia Music : London, UK
Quality cellos and violins for sale, bows and music publications. Restored old cellos fine-tuned by professional cellist.

ZMT Tailpieces for strings : Ljubljana, Slovenia
....enhances all stringed instruments by generating more symbiotic vibrations between the strings, bridge and the sound post, which creates more resonance throughout the whole body of the instrument.

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  Clarinet Sales -

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Clarius Audi Online sheet music and backing tracks : Milano, Italy
Buy on line sheet music, scores, backing tracks. Easy review and search of score's attributes. Personalized discounts. Our staff is friendly and prepared to assist clients in all aspects of the order.
  Songsearch CD Store

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