Other and Unusual Instruments

Peter Anderson bagpipes : London, UK
"Based near Guildford, Surrey UK, I am available for any Special Event in London & South East England.
I have a large number of contacts and can arrange anything from a single bagpiper to an entire military style Tattoo."
Aleksandra Dzenisenya cimbalom : Minsk, Belarus
....as a first-year student Aleksandra won the first prize at the international musical competition in Moscow and later took part in both international and national contests invariably ending up a prize-winner.
Sandra La Espuelita flamenco/cajon (percussion-box) : London, UK
....trained extensively in both England and in Spain, studying in Jerez, Seville and Córdoba. She performs across London and the UK with top Flamenco artistes.

Charles Hindmarsh musical saw : Yorkshire, UK
Although in the UK the instrument is not as popular as say America, through my concerts, workshops, demonstrations and radio/TV appearances I hope to change all of that. Musical Saws are now being produced right here in Yorkshire.
Deepak Mehta tabla : Dehli, India
A born artist tabla virtuoso from Delhi he did not come from a family of musicians but was initially trained after being spotted by his class teacher at the age of six. Since then his natural musical talent took over.
Natalia Paruz musical-saw/english-hand-bells/pitched-cow-bells : NY, USA
Affectionately known as the 'Saw Lady', has spent over a decade bringing the rare art form of playing music on a carpenter's saw (known as the Musical Saw or Singing Saw) to audiences around the world.

Neyveli Radhakrishna double-neck-violin-player : Chennai, India
A true son of the soil, he bathes the world with his inimitable style. Nestled amidst the verdant canopy of cashew, casuarina, jack and mango groves, he has thrown up quite a lot of engineers, medicos and musicians, apart from lignite.
Nikolai Ryskov bayan (russian-accordian) : (Russian) resides in UK
He performed as a soloist and in ensembles at the International Classical Accordion Festivals “Bayan and Bayanisti” in Moscow during 1990-1993 and in 1994 in solos and ensemble recitals at festivals and other venues in Swtzerland.

Vaidyanathan Suresh ghatam/gamuki : India
....is one of the few percussionists with an aesthetic sense of approach to performing on any percussion instrument especially ghatam his favorite earthen clay pot instrument! A rare drummer who has mastered this amusing clay pot.
Paul Tkachenko sousaphone/helicon : London, UK
"After initial piano lessons I started to take trumpet lessons but I really had my eye on playing the tuba and one year later at the age of 11 I was encouraged to take up the instrument and I loved it. Double bass followed a year later."