Julie Ainscough organist/piano-organ-teacher/composer/choralmaster : London, UK
...."my website will give you an impression of a busy, full- time, freelance professional life spent in classical music, as a performer, as a composer and, principally, as a teacher of piano and pipe organ."
Alison Baker organist : London, UK
She studied at the Royal Academy of Music and trained as both a pianist and an organist. Making her South Bank debut at the age of 14 and her Wigmore debut at 17, she went on to receive many prizes and awards.
Omar Caputi organist/composer : Torino, Italy
....won the diploma in Organ and Organ Composition at the G.F.Ghedini Academy of Music in Cuneo. In 1997, after 10 years of service, has was appointed Co-Titular Organist of the Sanctuary of Saint Rita in Turin.
Robert Costin organist/harpsichordist/conductor : West Sussex, UK
"I am an English organist, harpsichordist and conductor with extensive national and international performing experience."
Jonathan Delbridge organist/pianist : Cornwall, UK
....began learning the piano at the age of four with his mother and now has a busy career as a teacher of piano and organ and a freelance soloist having performed at venues throughout the UK.
Jean Jacques Kasel organist : Luxembourg text available.
John Kersey organist/harpsichordist/fortepianist : (British) resides in Dominica
Historian, award-winning concert pianist and radical educationalist, his career has been characterized by innovation across disciplines.
Pavel Kohout concert-organist : Prague, Czech Rep.
Born in1976 he was winner of the prestigious First Prize, Gold Medal and J. S. Bach Prize at the International Organ Competition in Tokyo 2000 and is regarded today as one of the finest concert recitalists of his generation.
Peter Litman organist choral-conductor : Ruthin, N. Wales, UK
....originally trained as an organist at Canterbury. He holds both bachelor and master degrees in music and is also a Fellow of the London College of Music. His début as a choral conductor was in 1997.
Ton Reijnaerdts organist : Maastricht, Nederlands
"This well-known Limburg organist, makes these organs sound admirably"..."He shows himself to be a warm advocate of early music."
Simone Stella organist/harpsichordist/composer : Firenze, Italy
....plays as a soloist throughout Europe. His repertoire includes harpsichord and organ music from every historical era up to and including the present day. Particularly interesting were his live performances of the complete works of Buxtehude.
Claudio Di Veroli organist/harpsichordist : (Italian) resides in Bray, Ireland
Italian, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he received his training from a distinguished group of European musicians. He was granted access to the antique keyboards in the Fenton House (London) and the Paris Conservatoire Musée.