Jazz Keyboards (including Electronic and Synthesisers, etc.)

Martyn Croston jazz pianist : London, UK
...is a jazz pianist who performs at weddings, parties and functions throughout London and the UK.
Dan Dombrowski pop/classic-rock/new-age/jazz-pianist : Troy, Michigan, USA
....is a professional pianist dedicated to providing the Metro-Detroit area with the finest musical entertainment. Having performed his artistry for a variety of venues and occasions, he now chooses to focus on corporate and social events.
Fusiontunes one-man-funk/jazz-band : Florida, USA
Vinny Ray performed with several Country Music Shows. His compositions are funky, imaginative and captivating. His leads are explosive with intense improvisations and screaming riffs.
Mauricio Gueiros jazz-pianist : Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
....músico carioca, pianista, compositor e
arranjador especializado em música gospel, jingles, trilhas sonoras, spots e música para terceiros. Trabalhou durante 15 anos nos vários setores do mercado a saber.
Andrew McCormack jazz-pianist : London, UK
....no text available.

Jon Pickard jazz pianist and classical/flamenco/brasilian/latin guitarist : UK
....provides live Spanish Guitar music for weddings and corporate events, specialising in Spanish Guitar, Brasilian, Classical, Latin and Flamenco. He also plays many popular songs arranged for solo acoustic guitar and is a jazz pianist.

Steve Tromans jazz-pianist/electronic-synthesizers : Birmingham, UK
Composer-pianist-arranger-researcher he graduated from Birmingham Conservatoire in 1997 with first class honours. Since then he has gained equal recognition as a bandleader and a sideman in a variety of nationally acclaimed ensembles.
Gabriel Vallejo jazz-pianist/composer/sound-engineer : (Argentina) resides in France
Living in Paris since 1998, he has worked in various musical ensembles (Argentinean tango, jazz and latin music) in many European & South America countries (France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Portugal , Spain & Argentina).

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