Pianist Accompanists

Phil Best : London, UK
A pianist, singer and composer, he combines consummate musical skills with a genuine desire to bring his music to people in ways that are fresh and engaging.

Dagmar Feyen : Brussels, Belgium
....started his music studies at age seven at the Academy for Music of Mol (Belgium). He chose the piano as his instrument. Currently, he is a teacher in piano, jazz piano, harmony and keyboard harmony at the same institute.

Mario Parrella : Comun Nuovo, Italy
....no text available.

Richard Pohl : Brno, Czech Republic
His exceptional talent resulted in many awards for young musicians including Honorary Diploma and First Prize at the Carl von Dittersdorf Chamber Music Competition, 3rd prize at the National Contest of Jazz Ensembles.
Susie Summers : London, UK
....graduated with distinction from the Postgraduate Diploma Course in Piano Accompaniment at the Royal Academy of Music, London. She is now the Phoebe Benham Junior Fellow in Piano Accompaniment at the Royal College of Music.
Philip Voldman : (Russian/American) resides in London, UK
While still only in his early twenties, he has worked with the most renowned up-and-coming opera singers, professional singers, professors and conductors, all of whom have helped shape his personal approach and outlook on music.

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