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Tony R S Osborne
42 Parkland Avenue
Slough, Berks
Tel/Fax: +44 (0)1753 541 818
Mob: +44 (0) 7773 794962



Photo by Gerald Place

........was born in Slough, Berkshire, on 10th November 1947 and initially studied cello before finally moving to the double bass. He studied at the Royal Academy of Music, London, 1966-69 with Richard Stoker for composition and John Walton for double bass, and so became a busy free-lance bassist in London, performing with many UK orchestras, BBC Symphony, BBC Concert, Royal Ballet, Festival Ballet and D'Oyle Carte.

From an early age he was introduced to jazz and popular music, influences which remain important and have combined with his classical training at the Royal Academy of Music to produce an eclectic range of compositions. 'Jazz is a major influence on my work', he says, 'I was introduced to it by my brother who taught me a great deal about jazz and classical music. We listened to Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker and a whole range of jazz greats. And my father was an enormous influence on me. A very gifted violinist, he played both romantic gypsy music and for silent movies, and worked with local operatic societies as Music Director. All of these influences helped to form me as a player and composer'.

Tony was elected an Associate of the Royal Academy of Music in 2001


Tony and his wife Jo are also Master/Practitioners of the natural healing modality 'Reiki'

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Seen at right with David Heyes, publisher, with Tony at his 50th birthday concert.

"Gershwin, Copland and Bernstein are the three main influences on Osborne. 'I'm often thinking of Gershwin when I write' he says. 'I admire the rhythm in Copland's work and the melodies of Bernstein. Russian and French music are also major influences especially Shostakovich and the Georgian composer, Balanchivadze'".

"Through his enthusiasm for the double bass, composition and teaching, Osborne has made a unique contribution to the repertoire for that instrument. As part of a long tradition of composer performers, he continues to promote music - in all its guises - to a wide audience, ensuring the popularity of the double bass"

Nigel Tallantire (Classical Music 26 July 2020)

Compositions - Published

The Double Bass Sings (Piper 1983)
included in the Associated Board, Trinity and London College, syllabuses.

Curtain Raisers and Travels in Style (Boosey & Hawkes 1986)
part of Strings Together series with Sheila Nelson

Contributor to Bass is Best (Emery/Yorke Edition 1988)

The Really Easy Bass Book (Faber 1990)
included in Guildhall School of Music and other examination syllabuses.

The Really Easy Electric Bass Book (Faber 1992)

Faber Stringsets Series 1990 onwards - Originals
Suite & Light
Bytes & Pieces

Faber Stringsets Series 1990 onwards - Arrangements
Suites No 1 & No 2 from Cats (Lloyd Webber)
Suite from The Snowman (Howard Blake)
Suite from The Liverpool Oratorio (McCartney/Davis)
Suite from Carmen (Bizet)
Welcome Ode (Britten)
Two Suites from the shows of Rodgers & Hammerstein
West End and Broadway Showstoppers
Suite from film "Shakespeare in Love" (Stephen Warbeck).

Recital Music Catalogue including Ubi Caritas (for unaccompanied chorus)
Aeolian Air (double bass & piano)
Various double bass ensembles, including;
All in a Day's Work
The Pink Elephant
Green Bass Blues
Junior Jazz

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