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Bedfordshire, UK a prolific composer and has written for all ages; professional and non-professional; and his output includes symphonies, operas, church music, secular choral music, part songs, ensemble music, music-stories and music for children....(more)
Composer : (British) Noupoort
Northern Cape, South Africa

....was born in London in 1948.  He was taught piano at an early age, but soon preferred to improvise.  Although he later had formal violin and singing lessons, it was composition, arising out of improvising at the piano, that he was most interested in pursuing.....(more)




Harriet Adie composer/harpist : London, UK
....was an Instrumental Exhibitioner at Balliol College, Oxford where she read Music. Before this she was a student of Daphne Boden at the Royal College of Music Junior Department where she was successful in many competitions.
Julie Ainscough pianist/organist/teacher/composer/choralmaster : Leatherhead, Surrey, UK
...."my website will give you an impression of a busy, full- time, freelance professional life spent in classical music, as a performer, as a composer and, principally, as a teacher of piano and pipe organ."
Kenneth Alwyn composer/conductor/presenter : London, UK
Kenneth Alwyn, FRAM, is the Musical Director of the Philomusica Orchestra and a composer, writer and presenter of concerts and programmes for Radio and Television.
Elena Apostol composer : Focsani, Roumania
.... was born in Focsani, Romania. She studied composition at the University of Music in Bucharest with Liviu Danceanu and she has a doctor’s degree in composition. She composed choral, chamber and orchestral music
Alexis Bennett composer-film/tv/multimedia : London, UK
....was trained at the University of Edinburgh and the Royal College of Music, London.
Phil Best pianist/singer/composer/arranger/teacher : London, UK
A pianist, singer and composer, he combines consummate musical skills with a genuine desire to bring his music to people in ways that are fresh and engaging.
Bill Brown composer-film/tv/new-media : Hollywood, LA, California, USA
....graduated from Berklee College of Music with a degree that included study in jazz theory and composition, song writing, modern theory and orchestration and finally the art of film composition, a passion of his.
Omar Caputi composer/organist : Torino, Italy
....received his musical education in Israel. At the age of 18 he led the Pro-Musica Ensemble. At 20 was one of the leaders and soloist of the Israel Chamber Orchestra.
Giacomo Cataldo composer/conductor/pianist : (Italian) resides in Toronto, Canada
His website is the principal source for information about the composer and his music. Listings of his compositions, discography and performances of his work are available as well as links to video and audio recordings.
Alexander Chapman Campbell composer : Scotland, UK
....began piano lessons at the age of seven and continued tuition until he was eighteen. Around the age of twelve Alexander began to experiment with some of the pieces that he was learning; he would add a few notes here and there, and on occasion add whole new passages. Within a couple of years he began composing his own pieces; they were simple and short, with an emphasis on the melody.
Stephen Cohn composer/copyist : Los Angeles, USA internationally recognized for his music for the concert stage; scores for feature films, and television. His concert works have been performed by the world's finest chamber music ensembles in the United States and Europe.
Phil Cornwell arranger/composer/pianist/doublebassist/teacher : London, UK a London-based pianist, specialising in accompaniment, and bassist, both upright and electric. His musical taste is extremely eclectic, and he is a good reader and improviser.
Jordan Grigg composer/conductor/violinist/violist : Nova Scotia, Canada
Born in British Columbia in 1972, he has been teaching since 1988. He has taught and continues to teach all stringed, wind and brass instruments, piano, all RCM theory, harmony, history, counterpoint, analysis, conducting and composition.
Mauricio Gueiros composer/arranger/pianist/guitarist : Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
....músico carioca, pianista, compositor e
arranjador especializado em música gospel, jingles, trilhas sonoras, spots e música para terceiros. Trabalhou durante 15 anos nos vários setores do mercado a saber.
Douglas Gunn composer/arranger/conductor/recorder-player : Castlemartyr, County Cork, Ireland text available.
Kim Halliday composer-fil/tv/multimedia/general : London, UK a composer and musician working in London, UK. He has written and played scores for feature films, documentaries, commercial video and theatre.His music is designed to comfort and disturb in equal measure.
HIKO composer/pianist : (Canadian) resides in Chicago, Illinois, USA
International multi-instrumentalist and composer consisting of piano, classical flute, alto, Native American, Chinese, Indonesian, Egyptian, Arabian, Brazilian, Quenas and Moseno.
Jan Järvlepp composer : Ottawa, Canada
....creates a genuine European/American musical fusion by combining the excitement of rock and jazz rhythms with the large scale classical structures found in orchestral and chamber music.
Emil Khoury composer/conductor : San Francisco, California, USA
Having earned his education and lived in the US for so many years, Prof. Khoury has managed to work in two disparate musical worlds (Western and Middle-Eastern) with verve, versatility, and vivacity.
Ludmilla Knezkova-Hussey pianist/composer : Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada
Concert pianist and composer, Professor of Piano, choral conductor, chamber performer, conductor of piano Master classes and workshops, founder and developer of the Ludmila Knezkova-Hussey International Piano Competition.
Oksana Kolesnikova pianist/composer : California, USA
World-renowned Russian-born pianist and composer does it all. A live performer; founder of a School of Music; musical collaborator; environmental activist through Cool Green, her character of sharing her passions in life shines through.
Pavel Kopecky composer : Prague, Czech Rep.
"I was born in Prague, on April 4, 1949. I began to study the piano when I was 8 years old and the cello at the age of 10. After graduating from the Electro-Technical Secondary School I joined the sound department of Czech TV in Prague."
Fariborz Lachini film-composer : San Jose, California, USA
....has been creating music for over three decades. While in his twenties, he had already achieved success in the world of pop music, writing for some of today's Persian pop icons. After the revolution, he moved to France to study.
Danny Ledesma composer/piano-improviser : London, UK text available.
Thomas Oboe Lee composer/jazz-flautist : Cambridge, MA, USA
"Democrat that I am, I write for everyone but as you well know not everybody gives a damn."

Gabi Malancioiu composer : Timisoara, Roumania
....Roumanian classical composer mainly focused on chamber and symphonic music

Phillip Neil Martin composer : London, UK
....has emerged as one the most innovative voices of his generation. His work crosses the divide from experimental concert music, regularly collaborating with filmmakers, fashion designers, artists, architects and dancers.
John Mitchell composer : LA, USA
An American classical composer, he was born in Hollywood, California in 1941. He studied music composition at the University of California, Los Angeles. Since 1962 hel has been a church music director, organist, and opera coach.
Beata Moon composer/pianist : New York, USA
A Korean-American composer, performer and educator she was born in North Dakota and raised in Indiana where she began studying piano at age five. She made her orchestral debut with the Indianapolis Symphony at age eight.

Dominic Nunns composer : London, UK
His work as a composer, conductor, horn-player and educator has explored rock, jazz, folk, klezmer, classic and contemporary film soundtracks, electronic music and rhythm-theatre with the award-winning Lost and Found Orchestra.
Luke Parkin composer/recording-artist : Victoria, British Columbia, Canada one of the most accomplished, conversant, and captivating assets, of the younger generation’s artists emerging to prominence. At age thirty, he has amassed upwards of 70 Albums with a breathtaking oeuvre that spans many genres.
Cari Peno composer/arranger/contrabassist/classical-guitarist : Boston, MA USA the leader and manager of Con Fuoco String Quartet/Trio/Duo and their bass and classical guitar player. He began his career in Munich, where he earned a Bachelor of Music Degree in classical bass from the Strauss-Konservatorium.
Keith Perreur-Lloyd composer : UK
‘Extraordinary’ is one of the many complimentary adjectives applied to Keith’s compositions – but it does not refer to either ‘the unusual or shocking juxtaposition of instruments’, or the ‘extraordinary complexity of a huge score’.
Gerard Power composer : Cheshire, UK
"In many of my recent works I have tried to create sound-masses of glowing physical intensity by keeping sounds in a continuous state of flux and vibration."
Carmel Raz composer/violinist-improviser : Chicago, USA
An experimental musician she has been attracting international recognition for the unusual depth and breadth of her musical activity.
Andrey Rubsov oboist/composer : Moscow, Russia
....was born in Moscow in 1982. In 2005, he graduated from the Moscow Conservatoire as an oboist and in 2008 as a conductor. In the same year, he started studying Conducting at the Royal Academy of Music in London.
Giancarlo Scalia pianist/composer : Montreal, Canada
As a performing pianist, his repertoire ranges from composers like Bach, Beethoven and Liszt to modern composers such as Messiaen and Shchedrin. His own compositions and those of Fryderyk Chopin are also part of his concert repertoire.
Dominik Scherrer composer : London, UK
.... has written the award winning score and theme for the Miss Marple series, the sci-fi hit series Primeval, the comedy Scenes of a Sexual Nature and the apocalyptic Nine Lives of Tomas Katz, amongst many others.
Tjako van Schie pianist/composer : Nieuwleusen, Netherlands
....was born 1961 in Coevorden, The Netherlands. He received his musical education at the Conservatory of Zwolle. He has played many concerts in several European countries and many other countries around the world.
Setrak Setrakian composer/pianist : Beirut, Lebanon
"In 1994 Iwas awarded the Catholicosate Karekina I and the medal of honor St. Mesrob Machdotz. I have composed around 400 compositions."
Harris Shilakowsky violinist/composer : Easton, MA, USA the founder and first violinist of the Shilakowsky String Quartet and also conducts and performs as violin soloist of the Bristol Chamber Orchestra, a professional ensemble dedicated to performing music of all periods in diverse settings.
Michio Shirasawa composer : Sapporo, Japan text available.
Georges Sokol composer/pianist/teacher : London, UK text available.
Simone Stella composer/organist/harpsichordist : Firenze. Italy
....plays as a soloist throughout Europe. His repertoire includes harpsichord and organ music from every historical era up to and including the present day. Particularly interesting were his live performances of the complete works of Buxtehude.
Roman Stolyar composer/pianist : Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia
....was born on December 6, 1967 in Novosibirsk, Russia, and received his first musical experiences at state music school. He then made his first steps to studying jazz, first privately, then at Novosibirsk musical college which he entered in 1989.
Steve Tromans composer/arranger/pianist : Birmingham, UK
Composer-pianist-arranger-researcher he graduated from Birmingham Conservatoire in 1997 with first class honours. Since then he has gained equal recognition as a bandleader and a sideman in a variety of nationally acclaimed ensembles.
Gabriel Vallejo jazz-pianist/composer/sound-engineer : Argentina
Living in Paris since 1998, he has worked in various musical ensembles (Argentinean tango, jazz and latin music) in many European & South America countries (France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Portugal , Spain & Argentina).
Cody Westheimer composer/film-composer/multi-instrumentalist : Santa Barbara, Ca, USA
....has composed compelling scores for 17 dramatic features, 12 documentary features and dozens of TV shows, games and countless short films.
Nat Yontararak composer/pianist : Bangkok, Thailand
Nat Music School and Nat Studio -
They are twins, born not far apart in time, not long after Nat graduated with a master's degree from Reading University.
Lev "Ljova" Zhurbin composer/violist : (Russian) resides in New York, USA
Though he was born in the string quarry of Russia and refined in the purifying precincts of Juilliard, he turned out to be a lover of gritty hybrids. The music he writes and plays is full of Brahmsian tone.

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Jillian Ann songwriter/singer : New York, USA
"It turns out I have done a lot of things. Some things that are considered bad and some that are considered good, but none really define me. The bad things did not make me bad or make me some unfortunate victim."
Eef van Breen songwriter/jazz-trumpeter/singer : Den Haag, Nederlands
....captures the audience with his lyrical trumpet phrases and virtuoso scat solos. Not only is Eef a performer of his own (jazz) compositions on stage; He composes as well for film, theater and several chamber music ensembles.
Joe Cohen composer : (American) resides in Holon, Israel
....writes his own material, mostly sad ballads that are lyrically and musically tight. He has a pleasant, wry way about him, and audiences look forward to his patter as much as ithey do his songs.
Ronnie James songwriter/singer/guitarist : Brooklyn, NY, USA
....resides in Tennessee in the Foothills of the Beautiful Smoky Mountains. He has appeared on Television, WTVR Channel 6 (CBS), Fredericksburg,VA which is part of the Washington, DC listening area.
Victor Johnson songwriter/singer : Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Unconventional chords, haunting melodies, astonishingly beautiful lyrics, and a voice that will leave you spellbound.
Pete Mitchell rock-guitarist/singer/songwriter/teacher : UK
Known as The Minstrel in the group DRIVE which in 1978 made a 2500 mile tour of the south of England playing over 50 venues. At this time he played for BBC Radio Medway. He was Wine Bar entertainer of the year 1981.
John Scott Cree songwriter/singer/guitarist : London, UK a comedy singer and songwriter with over 40 years of gigging, telling stories, writing and recording funny songs, with 7 kids and a lifetime of cynicism (experience).
Tarnia songwriter/singer : London, UK
"I am an Unsigned Female Singer Songwriter based in the UK
and like most Unsigned Artists I have another life outside my music to help support me so I can continue to write songs and release albums."

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