Arrangers and Orchestrators


Conductor & Arranger
Deal, UK

Arranger, Orchestrator
& Conductor
St. Albans, UK


Phil Best pianist/singer/composer/arranger/teacher - London, UK
A pianist, singer and composer, he combines consummate musical skills with a genuine desire to bring his music to people in ways that are fresh and engaging.
Phil Cornwell arranger/composer/pianist/doublebassist/teacher : London, UK a London-based pianist, specialising in accompaniment, and bassist, both upright and electric. His musical taste is extremely eclectic, and he is a good reader and improviser.
Mauricio Gueiros arranger/composer/pianist/guitarist : Brazil
....músico carioca, pianista, compositor e
arranjador especializado em música gospel, jingles, trilhas sonoras, spots e música para terceiros. Trabalhou durante 15 anos nos vários setores do mercado a saber.
Douglas Gunn arranger/composer/conductor/recorder-player : Castlemartyr, County Cork, Ireland text available.
Michael Klubertanz arranger/conductor/pianist : Germany
Geboren am 25. November 1968 in Bad Neustadt/Saale.
Ab 1974 Ausbildung in Klavier, ab 1978 Orgel. 1984 und 1986 D- und C-Diplomprüfungen als nebenamtlicher Kirchenmusiker.
Cari Peno arranger/composer/contrabassist/classical-guitarist : Boston, MA, USA the leader and manager of Con Fuoco String Quartet/Trio/Duo and their bass and classical guitar player. He began his career in Munich, where he earned a Bachelor of Music Degree in classical bass from the Strauss-Konservatorium.
Steve Tromans arranger/composer/pianist : Birmingham, UK
Composer-pianist-arranger-researcher he graduated from Birmingham Conservatoire in 1997 with first class honours. Since then he has gained equal recognition as a bandleader and a sideman in a variety of nationally acclaimed ensembles.

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