Other Artists/Clients


Biggleswade, Beds, UK
....is a prolific composer and has written for all ages; professional and non-professional; and his output includes symphonies, operas, church music, secular choral music, part songs, ensemble music, music-stories and music for children....(more)
Violinist (Bach Specialist)
London, UK

....comes from a well known family of London musicians and started learning the violin at the age of six. After studying with Sascha Lasserson, a pupil of Leopold Auer, he went to the Royal College of Music where he won the top violin prize....(more)


Michael Calmès tenor : Boston, USA
....no text available.
Camerata Europaea chamber-orchestra : Berlin, Germany
....with its artistic director has announced its intention of hosting an international workshop on orchestral conducting in cooperation with the Cultural Centre of Modern Music in Athens.
The Camerata of London chamber-orchestra/ensemble : London, UK
....was founded by a diverse group of musicians whose common goal is to bring great live music to as wide an audience as possible. A modern-instrument chamber orchestra with a repertoire ranging from the early baroque to contemporary.
Robert Canetti conductor : Israel
....received his musical education in Israel. At the age of 18 he led the Pro-Musica Ensemble. At 20 was one of the leaders and soloist of the Israel Chamber Orchestra.
Omar Caputi organist/composer : Torino, Italy
....won the diploma in Organ and Organ Composition at the G.F.Ghedini Academy of Music in Cuneo.
In 1997, after 10 years of service, has was appointed Co-Titular Organist of the Sanctuary of Saint Rita in Turin.
Michelangelo Carbonara pianist : Rome, Italy
....began his musical studies when he was five studying with Paola Barbera, at six he started composing and giving concerts. In 1999 he was awarded his Piano Specialisation Degree by the Academy of Santa Cecilia.
Mary Carewe singer : London, UK
Her versatility ranges from musical theatre showstoppers and cabaret songs to the avant-garde - repertoire she masters with musicality, personality and panache.
Paz del Castillo pianist : Valladolid, Spain
Compositora y pianista de origen asturiano, comenzo sus estudios de musica en el Conservatorio de Valladolid a los 7 años de edad. En el Conservatorio de Valladolid estudia con Mª Antonia Soto.
Caswell's string-instrument-shop : Brackley, Northants, UK
....no text available.
Giacomo Cataldo pianist/composer/conductor : (Italian) resides in Montreal, Canada
His website is the principal source for information about the composer and his music. Listings of his compositions, discography and performances of his work are available as well as links to video and audio recordings.
Centre for Young Musicians : London, UK
Since its founding in 1970, London’s CYM has provided high quality music training for thousands of talented students drawn from all of London’s boroughs.
Vadim Chaimovich pianist : (Lithuanian) Dresden, Germany
....was born in Vilnius, Lithuania, and began studying piano at the age of five, giving his USSR debut performance with an orchestra just two years later.
Paul Chamberlain accordionist : Manchester, UK
As a regular performer, Paul has a wide repertoire across many genres from classical accordion works and transcriptions, to French, Continental and Scottish traditional music.
Angela Chan pianist/teacher : Montreal, Canada
....holds a Doctorate in Piano Performance and Psychology, a Master of Arts in Piano Performance, Psychology and Education and a Graduate Diploma in Advanced Music Performance studies, from Concordia University, Montreal.
Chandos Records : Colchester, Essex, UK
....no text available.
Chason Music focuses on three innovative brass accessories : Chula Vista, CA, USA
....is a new compact buzzing and practicing instrument for the musician who must spend time away from the horn, trumpet, trombone or tuba and is the only buzzing device you will ever need to keep your embouchure in top condintion.
Wai Sum Chong : (British) Birmingham, UK
....is a ballet pianist based in Birmingham. Wai Sum has worked for major ballet companies and schools and is currently Musical Director of Midlands Theatre Ballet.
Christchurch Symphony Orchestra : New Zealand
The CSO is an artistic icon of the South Island and an established force in orchestral music within New Zealand.
Clarinets Direct services and primarily web-based sales : London, UK
"Our aim is to provide the advancing player with a quality or special alternative to the full price new professional instruments to be found at main dealers."
Clarius Audi Online sheet music and backing tracks : Milano, Italy
Buy on line sheet music, scores, backing tracks. Easy review and search of score's attributes. Personalized discounts. Our staff is friendly and prepared to assist clients in all aspects of the order.
Coe Percussion custom-built-marimbas/xylophones : USA
....is dedicated to providing the highest quality mallet percussion instruments at competitive prices andis able to accomplish this through creativity in instrument design, using alternate materials when appropriate.
Joe Cohen songwriter : (American) resides in Holon, Israel
....writes his own material, mostly sad ballads that are lyrically and musically tight. He has a pleasant, wry way about him, and audiences look forward to his patter as much as ithey do his songs.
Stephen Cohn composer/copyist : Los Angeles, USA
....is internationally recognized for his music for the concert stage; scores for feature films, and television. His concert works have been performed by the world's finest chamber music ensembles in the United States and Europe.
Stella Compton Dickinson counsellor/cognitive-analytic/music-therapist : London, UK
"I trained in mental health studies and psychotherapy at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital Medical School, Kings College London and before that in Music Therapy at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama."
Phil Cornwell arranger/composer/pianist/doublebassist/teacher : London, UK
....is a London-based pianist, specialising in accompaniment, and bassist, both upright and electric. His musical taste is extremely eclectic, and he is a good reader and improviser.
Robert Costin organist/harpsichordist/conductor : West Sussex, UK
"I am an English organist, harpsichordist and conductor with extensive national and international performing experience."
The Countess of Munster Musical Trust : UK
....was founded in 1958 by the Countess, who devoted her life to music and who was herself a pianist of considerable talent. The Trust currently provides assistance to young musicians amounting to almost £200,000 each year.
Jill Crossland pianist : Yorkshire, UK
....pursues a flourishing concert and recording career. She has performed throughout the UK, at the Musikverein and the Konzerthaus in Vienna and the Leipzig Gewandhaus.
Martyn Croston jazz pianist : London, UK
...is a jazz pianist who performs at weddings, parties and functions throughout London and the UK.
Colin d'Cruz fretless-bass-guitarist : Goa, India
....currently plays and writes music out of his own studio in Goa and continues to perform all over India as well as internationally.
Crystal Palace String Quartet : London, UK
....was founded by graduates of Britain's top music colleges and is providing live music for all kinds of events, ranging from weddings, civil partnerships, parties and corporate functions to band music, sessions, and TV.
Ann Cummings pianist/artist : Seattle, WA, USA
A pianist of dynamic energy and provocative, musical insight presents classical music to be seen as well as heard including the smashing of mirrors, the blowing of bubbles, magic tricks, 12-tone sculptures, paintings, masks, and film animations.
Andrew Cunnigham hypnotherapy : London, UK
....no text available.
Curtis Institute of Music : Philadelphia, PA, USA
....opened on October 13, 2020 thus fulfilling the fondest dream of Mary Louise Curtis Bok.
Czech Guitar Duo : Prague, Czech Republic
....is the most famous and the longest playing ensemble of their kind on the Czech concert scene and has been performing the unique and beautiful sound of music for two guitars for more than three decade.